category: EDUCATION

A fun and educational mathematic game, which you can pass with your children in primary school and preschool. It’s easy to educate our children with played and fun fictions now! With Arty Mouse, ready to educate your children through the numbers app.

Numbers will very fun with Arty Mouse. Your children with cute Arty Mouse will have fun in the adventures of your friends. Educate theirselves in mathematic games. Look in the World of Arty Mouse and frieds what our kids learn;

  • Learn Numbers
  • Learn the figures of the numbers
  • Learn the draw the numbers
  • Learn to count
  • Measure attention with number matching games
  • Learn to count and collect
  • Learn mathematics
  • Learn to sort by the size of the figures
  • Learn to sort the numbers
  • Learn numbers pronunciation

With Arty Mouse, our children learn mathematics, numbers pronunciation, images and select number by touch. Arty Mouse has 12 main categories and 36 mini games. The numbers will play the game with your children, and you can allow they to play only by the children.

Number Game Types with Arty Mouse

  • Drawing number games
  • Matching games
  • Number counting games
  • Number and puzzles games
  • Matching games by numbers
  • Ranging number games
  • Collecyion and removal games
  • Learn numbers pronunciation
  • Sorting games

Arty Mouse for your kids, prepared for the primary school or the preschool period, invites you to the fun and educational world. The numbers game has been prepared for preschool and primary school children with Arty Mouse.  This game teaches everything about numbers to your kids with games.

Your children will be following their development. They will have enjoy of “Learning the numbers” because they have entertained the children because it will be fun at the same time. We know how much uses fort his style fun contents are especially for our children for preschool number education.

It’s a game with Arty Mouse, like mathematics, mathematic games or how to learn children mathematics and how to learn children.