category: EDUCATION

Canım Kardeşim Benim is an educational and fun interactive story book for children who are preschool and primary school age! Your children have fun and learn now it’s easier. They will get a educate with Canım Kardeşim Benim.

Popular animation film will be learned to letters and numbers in the game with the characters of Canım Kardeşim Benim. They will also learn professions, animals, fruits and vegetables.  Get ready to educate your kids without getting bored with storytelling narration and mini games.

Look in the World of Canım Kardeşim Benim what our kids learn;

  • Drawing and count of letters
  • Counting and drawing
  • Creativity
  • Pant – whole relationship
  • Hand – eye coordination
  • Professions
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Animals and their sounds
  • Directory follow – up
  • Cleaning
  • Visual intelligence
  • Colors
  • Puzzle talent
  • Story tracking
  • Letter case
  • Attention to observation and details
  • Problem solving talent
  • Geometrical shapes

Canım Kardeşim Benim is a story book and teaching with interactive story that characters of Canım Benim Kardeşim by children learning their friedns or families. This gam efor children and families. Game types with Canım Kardeşim Benim;

  • Star Painting: A mini painting game that develops both color and cretivity
  • Clear the Table: A mini object game play for improvement of responsibility and creativity
  • Star Collection: A mini game for improving number, caring and reflex
  • Balloon Explosion: A mini game to improve the number, beware and reflex
  • Let’s know the animals: A mini teaching game increasing animal love and knowledge
  • Let’s know the vegetables: A mini teaching game that learning vegetables
  • Red Fish: A mini game increasing color knowledge and creativity
  • Tidy the Room: A mini game introducing objects of responsibility
  • Catch the Chicken: A mini gamet o develop the number, carefully and reflex
  • Memory Game: A mini matching game that improves visual memory
  • Let’s know the letters: A mini game teaching the letters
  • Let’s learn the shapes: A mini game teaching geometric shapes and develop the relation of the piece whole
  • Let’s know the profession: A mini game that provides professions and teaching the vehicles we use
  • Mini Puzzle: A mini matching game improving visual coordination
  • Let’s match the letters: A mini matching game to improve visual coordination
  • Labirent Game: A mini game developing visual coordination and reflex
  • Let’s learn the numbers: A mini game teaching counting and drawing
  • Let’s learn the colors: A mini game teaching colors
  • Jigsaw Puzzle: A mini game developing the whole relationships and visual coordination

The children will make a enjoyable story with Müge, Mine, Mıcır, Lale and Galip. They will provide a very educational game. Canım Kardeşim Benim a children’s game designed for smartphones and tablets. If children get bored while learning, they will both play with Canım Kardeşim Benim and learn. You can see the development of children while they play Canım Kardeşim Benim.