Tricksy Ways

When you check our web site, you will see 6 different Tricksy ways. This is all about our working style and milestones to be a team. Let us briefly tell you what are they and how we describe them;

Creativity – In a game adventure, all Tricksy team members – Tricksies creating a game if they enjoy it. Otherwise, if we don’t happy with our game, why create? Every team member, playing mobile games new or old, is a must! We have to know creative games and appreciate, next we start to work more creative one!

Team Work – Tricksies are working together. Every member knows how important is teamwork. Its a Tricksy spirit! While working for a game, everybody can not professional on all elements. So, we have to work in a Tricksy spirit to reach Tricksy energy and do the work on time!

Productivity – Tricksies working with productivity! Some of them work with music, some of them work in a forest! Tricksy Worlds are different but at the end of the day, best games are created with the productivity of Tricksies!

Publisher –  Tricksies have lots of ideas! And sharing is a must. Maybe a good game idea comes from 3 or 4 steps. Everybody must share his/her opinion. An idea, at the beginning, born like a baby, but after brainstorming sessions, it became an enjoyable game. Do not save your ideas into your own secret place, publish it, in Tricksy games!

Search Storm – If there is a problem! Tricksy comes together and finds a way to solve. This became a search storm in a Tricksy roof. Analyze the problem, think about it, search about it, put a solution, finalize it! Tricskies has its own search methods, not only “Google It!” works, there are several ways to find a solution!

Global Thinking- An idea can work in localize formula but maybe can not move to global! But this is a way of other game developer companies! When an idea created in Tricksy World, it’s a global! Otherwise, everybody knows that it is not working. Global Thinking needs lots of searches, awareness of improvements, track the technology, and a combination of Tricksy ways!

If you think the same as Tricksies, why not join us? Click here and let’s meet at the one of Tricksy World!

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