Tricksy Ways

When you check our web site, you will see 6 different Tricksy ways. This is all about our working style and milestones to be a team. Let us briefly tell you what are they and how we describe them;

Creativity – In a game adventure, all Tricksy team members – Tricksies creating a game if they enjoy. Otherwise, if we don’t happy from our game, why to create? Every team member, playing mobile games new or old, is a must! We have to know creative games and appreciate, next we start to work more creative one!

Team Work – Tricksies are working together. Every member knows how important is team work. Its a Tricksy spirit! While working for a game, everybody can not professional on all elements. So, we have to work in a Tricksy spirit to reach Tricksy energy and do the work on time!

Productivity – Tricksies working with productivity! Some of them work with a music, some of them work in a forest! Tricksy Worlds are different but at the end of the day, best games are created with productivity of Tricksies!

Publisher –  Tricksies have lots of ideas! And sharing is a must. Maybe a good game idea comes from 3 or 4 steps. Everybody must share his/her opinion. An idea, at the beginning, born like a baby, but after brain storming sessions, it became an enjoyable game. Do not save your ideas into your own secret place, publish it, in Tricksy games!

Search Storm – If there is a problem! Tricksies come together and find a way to solve. This became search storm in a Tricksy roof. Analyze the problem, think about it, search about it, put a solution, finalize! Tricskies has own search methods, not only “Google It!” works, there are several ways to find a solution!

Global Thinking- An idea can work in localize formula but maybe can not move to global! But this is a way of other game developer companies! When an idea created in Tricksy World, its a global! Otherwise everybody knows that it is not working. Global Thinking needs lots of search, aware of improvements, track the technology and combination of Tricksy ways!

If you think same as Tricksies, why not to join us? Click here and lets meet at the one of Tricksy World!