category: PUZZLE

If you are bored about snake games but also want to experience different games with same mechanics, Woppie The Wizard is just for you! Easy to move Woppie’s magic with your fingers to right and left, your goal is to enlarge your magic by choosing right monsters and beat them. Don’t miss spells on your way while enlarging your magic. If you trust your reflexes, you can’t miss this game!

Different Maps and Many Backgrounds! We are starting the game at Townie Village and in our adventure, we need to reach Evileo Castle from passing through the hard maps like Ancient Swamp, Beautiful Sea, Elvish Shore, Titan’s Ice Path, Mystic Dragon’s House, Between Galaxies, Dark Hollow. We call them hard because while you are catching your target, crazy monsters will steal your magic and try to stop you. Let’s see if you can reach Evileo Castle or can’t!

Level Up While Playing! It’s possible to strengthen your magic while playing. So it will become easy to see the end of the game and all maps. Also, you can use free chests to increase your magic strength.

Challenge Your Friends! Check the rankings and try to beat your friends. Daily, weekly and monthly rankings show your friends situation and you can challenge them and you can beat them with your high scores. Show them who is the boss!

Game Features

• Free to download and free to play
• Endless gameplay
• Easy to control
• It’s easy to play but hard to reach top scores
• Challenge your friends in rankings
• Different backgrounds and spells make in the game more enjoyable and fun

How To Play?

• Try to beat crazy monsters to move your spell with your finger scroll on your phone to right and left.
• Collect spell parts on your way to strengthen your magic.
• Increase your ranking on friends and general with the highest scores.
• Strength your magic with your gold and move forward
• Get rewards with opening free chests.

If you trust yourself, challenge your friends with free to download and free to play game Woppie The Wizard!