Working As Intended

Hello Tricksy followers. This is monthly news from our studio. We will try to give updates from our games, studio and works monthly to let our followers know what is happening in Tricksy Worlds. After the establishment in June 2017, we started to create our game ideas. With the planning of details, we are working on 7 different games. 6 of them are hyper-casual model and they will be at markets in the near future. We planned to publish them month by month and get our players more fun and entertain.

We are also creating a 1v1 esports game. The idea of the game came from our past. It will be a different capture of the castle game. Not with huge armies but with great commanders and warriors, you will beat your opponent and conquer. One of the Tricksy teams, with a developer, illustrator, and team manager, is responsible only from this game and working nearly more than 5 months. We started to QA to capture the castle in the studio. We are planning to open it in February and before it we will start with our hype casual games.

Hope to see you soon with our lovely Tricksy Games worlds!

Expect us!

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